The 2016 Deyak Classic was held at Pontiac Country Club on September 11th, 2016

Deyak Classic

Named for longtime USGA Amateur Public Links Committeeman Frank Deyak, the Deyak Classic is the season ending championship contested between the MIPUBLINX Net and Senior divisions. Contestants are chosen based on their performance in the seasons five scheduled Championship Series stroke play tournaments.

The Deyak Classic is contested annually at the "Home of the Publinx", Pontiac Country Club, in the month of September. The tournament pits the best 8 players during the year in the Net and Senior divisions against each other. Although the field is small, the competition is fierce as the season ending event proclaims the Mipublinx Division champions.

Net and Senior competitors are chosen based on total accumulated honor roll point values earned throughout the year. Players who maintain a high standard of play throughout the year are rewarded with a chance to play. One or two top 3 finishes will usually secure a place in the field, but several lead changes occur in the point standings throughout the season.

The Deyak Classic is a fun day of competition and is hosted by one of the finest family's in the golf industry.  The Mipublinx Board of Directors wishes to thank, Pontiac Country Club, the Syron family and the members of the Mipublinx Golf Association for their continued participation and support.   

For the second straight year, the Net Team defeated the Senior Net Team. The final tally was 22.5 points for the Net Team and 7.5 for the Senior Team.  


The players play in an individual match play format competing for 1 point on the front 9, 1 point on the back 9, and 1 point for the total 18 hole match.  The Net team got off to a quick start by 10.5 points in the first 2 matches. Anthony Fontana, Vic Stefanoski and Dave Muscaro each took 3 points in their respective matches. The Senior team won in 2013 and 2014 and is already looking forward to next years matches.


Please see all the scores from the matches below:



Match 1 - Mark Cykowski (Sr) 1 pt - David Fagan (Net) 2 pts


Match 2 - Kirk Babicz (Sr) 0 pt - Anthony Fontana (Net) 3 pts


Match 3 - Chris Touchette (Sr) 0 pt - Vic Stefanoski (Net) 3 pts


Match 4 - Hyun Yoo (Sr) .5 pt - Mike Barnard (Net) 2.5 pts


Match 5 - Ron Floyd (Sr) 1.5 - Steve Connolly (Net) 1.5 pts


Match 6 - Doug Harmala (Sr) 0 pts - Dave Muscaro (Net) 3 pts


Match 7 - Al Kaspor (Sr) 1.5 pts - Brian Herman (Net) 1.5 pts


Match 8 - Larry English (Sr) 1.5 pts - Matt O'Neil (Net) 1.5 pts


Match 9 - George Schulte (Sr) .5 pt - Tom Mulhern (Net) 2.5 pts


Match 10 - Jon Kennedy (Sr) 1 pt - Nathan O'Neil (Net) 2 pts


Totals - Senior 7.5 - Net 22.5