Handicap Guidelines
A player must earn a Handicap Index.

No player has an inherent right to a Handicap Index without providing full evidence of ability to the golf club's Handicap Committee.  The club must follow the follow the United States Golf Association's Handicap System and its handicap revision procedures.  In this case, the Michigan Publinx Golf Association will be the sponsoring club.  It is the responsibility of each MPGA member to post all scores and to use the adjustment guide of the USGA.  Failure to post scores will result in a handicap adjustment by the Handicap Committee.  A player's index will be adjusted for the following reasons: posting erroneous scores, not adjusting scores as per USGA guidelines, not posting all scores, having tournament scores that are significantly lower than their Handicap Index.  The Handicap Committee must and will adjust the player's index to insure that the playing conditions are equal for all players. 

The Michigan Publinx Golf Association will monitor all net scores in its Sunday tournaments.  Any score that results in a difference of more than 2 stokes between the course rating and the net score will come under review by the committee.  For example -- a player has a handicap of 10 for that tournament and shoots a round of 76, his net score will be 66.  If the course rating for the day was 70.5, his differential will be 70.5-66 = 4.5.  Therefore this score would be reviewed by the committee and an adjustment could be made.  If an adjustment was in order it would be calculated as follows:  The difference in this case was 4.5, it would be multiplied by 80%, which equals 3.6 and would then be rounded up to 4.  That player's index for the next tournament would be reduced by 4 stokes, 10 - 4 = 6.  Said player will play with that Handicap Index until further notice.  All tournament scores will be reviewable by the committee.

The player will be sent notification via e-mail of the adjustment, with copy to tournament director.  If adjustment requires a change in flight, the player will be so notified.